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With HMRC’s introduction of MTD, Making Tax Digital, from April 2019 for VAT registered companies the team at Bright Books MTD saw a need for an expert bookkeeping company to support clients transitioning to the new digital bookkeeping age. Whether you just need help with initial setup of a Xero package for your company, ongoing support or you just want someone competent to take the work off your hands, we have a package that suits you.

Situated in North Manchester and founded by accountants with decades in practice, Bright Books MTD can bring to your business the latest digital and online bookkeeping solutions and show you how to use them easily, maximizing your businesses potential.

HMRC's Making Tax Digital program may seem daunting but the advantages that current technology can give to your company can be life changing. Gone are the days of collecting books and records in files and boxes, waiting for the transfer to your bookkeeper or accountants. Bright Books MTD can show you how to enter data instantly, without any typing into customised software in real time. You will be able to produce management accounts instantaneously, track inventory and share data with customers, suppliers and your advisers instantly.

Call us now for a no obligation chat to discuss how we can help your business avoid the fines and penalties of non-compliance and gain invaluable financial control in the process.

We look forward to hearing from you,

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